Tuesday, 29 November 2011


NAME: Boneventure  Irwin Tann
AGE    : 16 years old
LIVE   : Tuaran Sabah

Well i will tell you a little bit about me...so im a fat guy that always been tease by a lot of people..but what did i care?? haha!! at least i had a life right??  so i had a talent on singging .. this year im sitting for my spm..And i had a great parents and a great sisters...so my races is SINO-KADAZAN as u know sino is a mixed kadazan and chinese..well yeah thats me...im just an ordinary guy..sometimes i feel i had the most pathetic life..but life most go on right...and one more thing im a christian and im proud of to be a christian ...that is all from me :)

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